A team of
wood experts
at your service

Ever since it was established in 1988, La Charpenterie has been placing its know-how and love of wood at your service.

Wood is much more than just a fashion. It's a noble material that offers many advantages: energy efficiency, comfort, durability, adaptability to uses in the most difficult environments... and so on. Wood is, without doubt, the material of the future, both for construction and for renovation.

La Charpenterie are first and foremost a team of professional experts in wood who construct homes and who guarantee to carry out work using traditional wood treatment methods. With 26 years’ experience they are the first-choice partner for wood construction projects in the PACA region.

Their activities are recognised by Qualibat certification and a ten-year guarantee, and include :

  • Timber-frame construction.
  • The creation of : traditional roofing, glue-laminated woodwork, car-ports, pergolas, floors, pool houses, summerhouses and mezzanine floors.
  • Roofing : tiles, steel channel, wooden cladding

By using the services of a QUALIBAT certified organisation, you can be sure of the skills and reliability of your chosen partner.

“Quality and
a bespoke service”

Whatever your project, be it a new build or renovation, a timber frame construction, roof framework, external cladding and panelling, shelters, decoration etc., our design bureau will work with you to find the best possible solution to meet your needs.

Helping you finding a harmonious whole of which you will be proud, best use of the properties of different types of wood, selecting the most suitable roofing material, protecting the wood to ensure a long lifespan... we are there to help you in all of these choices.

Our design bureau experts, whether working independently or in association with architectural partners, will produce a preliminary project and 3-D plans.

Approachable, skilled and experienced, La Charpenterie places all its know-how at your service.

Professional qualifications
2312-1442- 2332-2342-3101-3111-3122-3181-4311

in own workshops

Each part is machined in our own 600 m2 workshop by a team of professional wood-working experts. All structures are assembled on the ground for precision final adjustment to ensure trouble-free erection on site.

From 10 to 1000 m2 or more, we will always provide a viable and beautiful solution for you! We are equally at home in work contexts which involve public works contracts or working with private individuals.