A variety
of wood to suit
every project

Wood, then, that most ancient of materials, which has protected and sheltered humanity since the earliest times, has a great many advantages: it provides excellent insulation against heat, noise and sound. It is also earthquake resistant.

Wood is being re-discovered today because of the way it integrates perfectly into any site and for its sophisticated aesthetic properties. Through the variety of species that can be used it offers architects a high degree of flexibility in the ways it can be used, in its forms, colours and even its fragrances.

In these times of sustainable development, wood is the only material at our disposal that is infinitely renewable and which requires only small amounts of energy in its use and transformation.

There is a full range of traditional species available to match every taste, or for ensuring close harmony with the environment, or for meeting every constraint placed on a material. These include the larch of the Hautes-Alpes, the oak of Burgundy, the Douglas fir of the Jura, the Canadian Red Cedar, the Ipé (or Brazilian walnut)... and so on. La Charpenterie also use Swedish spruce for glue-laminate materials.

Roofing can, in turn, be made of different materials which meet not only your aesthetic needs, but also the town-planning requirements that are in force in every Commune: Mission tiles, pan and cover tiles, flat tiles, Larch or Red Cedar wood cladding, zinc, thatch etc.